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Rollaround Warehouse Screens

Benefits & Value

  • Keep out pests Bugs, birds, and animals.

  • Increased air flow.

  • Helps deter internal and external theft.

  • Affordably ventilate multiple openings.

  • Maintenance free design.

  • Increase worker productivity.

  • Lower cooling costs.

Economical And Easy To Use!


1. Open your commercial roll-up door as usual.

The Rollaround is ready to be put to work.

2. Place the Rollaround into position between the door tracks.

3. Secure the Rollaround in the opening with the locking pins,

fold in the cantilever casters.

4. Lower the commercial door until the seals touch.

Ventilating  Warehouses Just Got Affordable!


What are Rollaround Screens?


The Rollaround Screen System is an economical solution to screening commercial door openings. Built of 2”x2” architectural grade aluminum, the Rollaround is ready to take on the demands of any warehouse environment.


The Rollaround is easily moved into the commercial door opening when ventilation is desired. Designed to work with virtually any commercial roll up door that is 12’ or less in width.


The Rollaround comes in a re-sizeable kit that can be easily modified to accommodate door widths from 12’ wide to 6’6” wide. All Rollaround kits come 84” height.

The Rollaround is secured into the opening with the locking pins as shown. Once the locking pins are in place the cantilevered outriggers can be retracted to minimize the footprint of the system.


Now simply bring your manually operated rolling door down until the two seals touch and you have a pest free, airy environment that is naturally illuminated.

The Rollaround is available with a white frame and three different screen choices.

 18x14 Fiberglass Screen– Ideal for maximum airflow.

 White Super Screen– Daytime privacy, extreme durability.

 Black Super Screen– Extreme durability.


Screen materials can also be custom imprinted with your company’s logo, advertising or message.

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