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Garage Door Screens

The Garage Screen system is a patented, fully spring loaded garage door screen that works with your existing garage door.


Available with a center retractable passage door or without, three different frame color choices and three different screen options.


The Garage Screens features a Limited Lifetime warranty. The Garage Screen is sold through our network of professional dealers.

Clear All-Weather Vinyl Cover

For Garage Screens

The Clear All-Weather Vinyl Cover for your Garage Screens garage door screen is an optional accessory that adapts your Garage Screen for year-round use. On cold winter days, use the Garage Screen Cover to impede the flow of cold air into the garage.


On hot summer days, use the Garage Screen Cover to impede the flow of hot air into the garage. The Garage Screen Cover mounts easily to the inside of the frame of your Garage Screen. Now you may open up your garage door at any time of year, bring your Garage Screen down and enjoy the great outdoors... well... from indoors! It's not just a screen, it's now a four season Garage Screen! 

Motorized Screens and Shades

Classic Series (Custom-Made)

Expanded Outdoor Living Space

It’s no secret all of us wish to utilize our open outdoor living space more often and effectively. By choosing a motorized exterior screen, you are making a Garage Screen decision.


Our Mystic Motorized Screen will immediately increase the size of your family’s living space. Keeping the bugs out during the warmer months. Allowing the breeze through during the cooler ones. Blocking harmful UV rays. With the click of a button, you can now move your occasion outside with an airy, pest-free environment.

Ready-to-ship Motorized Screens 

Z-Box Series (Ready-to-Ship)

Mystic Screens Z-Box System is an industry first, in-stock, ready-to-ship motorized screen system designed for surface mount applications on popular size garage door openings. The Z-Box comes in a variety of sizes to be surface mounted to fit the most popular garage door sizes, 8 x 7, 9 x 7, 10 x 7, 16 x 7 and 9 x 8. The aluminum frame is available in white, brown, and sandstone with your choice of 17/20 pvc coated polyester screen material in either white or black.

​The Mystic Z-Box System is specifically designed to surface mount on the most popular garage door sizes. The Mystic Z-box is pre-made and cannot be modified. The Mystic Z-Box is 4” wider than the opening to allow for the 2” wide side rail and 7” taller than the opening to allow for the hood and weight bar to be up and out of the opening. All Mystic Z-Box units will have a left hand mount motor (from outside looking in) and a single channel hand held remote. Ordering is easy, just specify unit size, color of frame and screen material choice.

Ships within 72 hours of receipt of order! An industry first!

Warehouse Door Screens

Finally, an affordable solution to ventilating warehouse doors. The innovative Rollaround Screen system is the latest development in screening technology for warehouse door applications. As the name suggests, the Rollaround Screen is a mobile screening device designed to be an affordable solution to ventilating and illuminating warehouse door openings. The Rollaround is built to with-stand the rigors of a warehouse environment and features lockable, collapsable cantilever outriggers for minimizing the footprint when it is being used. 

Screen Enclosures

Looking to screen in your covered porch area? Advanced Screenworks can help. We offer the most popular aluminum extrusions in three color choices: white, brown, and sandstone. Our extrusion components are a perfect color match to our Genius line of retractable screens. We also offer the same screen materials that are found in our Garage Screen system in rolls or by the linear foot.


Remember, if it can be screened, it can be screened here!

Retractable Screen Doors

Sheer Classic and Sheer Advance Pleated Screens

Elegance is the word that defines the Sheer Classic and the Sheer Advance pleated screens. Boasting a wheelchair friendly flat bottom guide, these retracting screen doors offer smooth, easy operation with a touch of a finger.


The Sheer Classic offers the ability to remove the screen cassette to store for the season. For openings from 31" wide to 40', yes 40'! Heights up to 125".

Pull Down Retractable Screens

Sierra 800

Sierra 800 Pull Down Retractable Screens are the ideal solution for enclosing a porch, lanai, gazebo or any opening up to 192" wide and 96" tall. The Sierra 800 stays out of sight in their aluminum housing until they are needed. No spring cleaning required as the screen material stays protected from the elements until they are desired. Simply pull down the Sierra 800 with the handle or use the supplied pull chain and enjoy the pest-free living!

Pleated Screens

(Single panel, large openings)

Zig Zag 

The ZigZag is the ideal solution for today’s ever popular bi-folding, lift-n-slide and other large opening doors and windows. Featuring one large viewing panel, the ZigZag has pizazz. This unique screen system is a real attention getter!


  • Made using elegant and stylish pleated screen fabric.

  • Easy, touch of a finger operation.

  • Screen opens at either end then it can be moved and positioned.

  • ZigZag Screens are custom made to match your net opening dimensions.

  • Pre-assembled for fast and easy installation.

  • Features one large contiguous screen panel.

  • For openings 196” wide and up to 102” in height.

Retractable Window Screens

Cascade and Incognito

Retractable window screens are great for those that don't want the distortion of view when looking through the window to the great outdoors. The Cascade retractable window screen can be mounted on either the interior or the exterior of the window opening.


Looking for something to match your wood windows? The Incognito is a great choice for those looking to match their wood grain. Incognito is designed to be interior mounted only and come in a variety of wood grains to match your windows!